You know when you’re in bed and you roll over to check the time, only to discover that you’ve woken up fifteen minutes before your alarm is set to go off, and you frantically try to force yourself back to sleep, and the harder you try to sleep the more you wake up, so when the alarm goes off, you’re already in a grumpy mood about being cheated out of those fifteen minutes of sleep . . . yeah, that sucks.

That’s how this part of summer feels to me – I can see the end of summer – school starting, routines beginning again and so I feel all frantic to enjoy the summer as much as possible before it slips away.

How’s your summer going?  I’ve discovered that I have a sensitivity to wheat and gluten products, and the nutritionist I went to also recommended that I have a dairy free diet as well. So I’ve been eating gluten and dairy free for about a week. Wow.  You never know how many things have wheat in them before you can’t eat it! Thank goodness we live in a time when Celiac’s Disease is more known and there are lots of products and substitutes to cook with and eat.  It’s really been a challenge, I’m not going to lie to you. I will miss wheat products, but more than the wheat, I think I miss dairy! Cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream . . . sigh. Oh, and what about my childhood favorite – Tuna noodle casserole . . . wow I just realized that’s off limits. I wonder if there’s such a thing as dairy free cheese that you could make mac and cheese from?

I have noticed that I am starting to feel better. At first I think I was going through a detox and just felt like crap for a couple of days, but luckily those symptoms are passing. So, I’m not complaining (although I do have a tendency to whine a bit about it!) I’m ready for this new food chapter. Gabby and David are eating the same diet as me, David less than Gabby, but he’s still doing good – he’s having a hard time giving up croutons on his salad!  I’ve suggested nuts, but you know it’s just not the same!

I’m also supposed to be keeping a gratitude journal – which I think is a really good idea.  It does help turn your thoughts from feeling sorry for yourself!

Here’s a little card I made to remind myself, but maybe you want one to print out and tape on your mirror, if so, just right click to open up the larger file to save and print.


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