Happy New Year

Wow – it’s been a busy week or so since I last wrote. Hope you all had a great holiday and that your new year looks like it will be a good one. Our Christmas was nice. We went to the in-laws for Christmas eve and then to midnight mass. It was funny that on the drive down we saw several families stopping at the gas station to buy cases of red bull – guess they were going to midnight mass too.

Ate Christmas dinner at my parents and then came back home to relax and play “Scene It.”  My sister has been admitted to a (physical) rehab hospital to help with her MS and her two kids will be living up here.  I think my nephew will be living with us and my youngest niece will be living at my parents. My oldest niece is going to stay at her house. She’s a senior and I’m sure she wants to finish out her year where she started off.  I don’t know how long my sister will be in the hospital, but I know that it’s the best thing for her. She was here the week before Christmas and it was more than obvious that she can’t take care of her kids because she can’t even take care of herself.  She fell twice at my parents house and my brother and dad had to help her up, she’s not a small person and it’s impossible for one person to lift her. She came over here and fell twice – the first time I called my brother and he came to help her up but the second time he wasn’t available, so I had to wait for David to get home (luckily it wasn’t too long) to help.  She’s just a mess. She can’t dress herself, she is very hard to understand when she’s talking, and her mind doesn’t seem to be working properly.  When she was here she called her husband to come pick her up, because we were being “mean” to her. I think that she feels we are mean because both my mom and I told her that she needed to quit smoking. I understand the desire to want to smoke but when you’re risking your life to have a cigarette – and I don’t mean the long term risk of cancer – I mean the falling and cracking your head open on the sidewalk or laying out in the snow until someone finds you – it’s time to quit.  So anyway her husband came and picked her up on Christmas eve and then got her admitted into the hospital. I’m hoping that they will help her figure out some long-term solutions, whether through rehab or in-home health care, or something.

Her kids are taking it pretty well. I think it’s a relief of some kind to them. They were made to be responsible for taking care of her and they’re just too young. I know they miss her and they love her – it’s just all screwed up. Again, I could write a book about this, but I’ll spare you.  I have decided that my New Year’s Resolution is to spend less time with my family.  I figure, I’m 41, we’ve spent a great deal of that time all trying to get along and hey that hasn’t worked so well, so maybe we should all consider having some “alone time” and see how that goes.  My mom’s oldest brother lives in another state, he’s a widower who works as a groundskeeper in a cemetery and then spends the rest of his time at home drinking. Everyone is always trying to get him to come for the holidays or for vacations, but he always backs out. I used to think it was a sad, lonely kind of life. Lately, I’m thinking he’s crazy – crazy like a fox that is! So, okay I probably won’t become an alcoholic – I figure it’s kind of late in life to make that kind of commitment, but the whole hermit thing, avoiding your extended family, I’m not seeing the downside to that.

We’ve also been sick – first David had it, then on New Year’s eve I stared feeling bad. Yesterday I was just wiped out. I spent the day taking cold medications and sleeping. Every once in awhile I would rise up to consciousness just long enough to realize that there was a Loony Tunes marathon on Cartoon Network – how flipping sweet is it to be sick on the day they’re showing Bugs Bunny cartoons all day. If you have to be sick – that’s the way to go. Today is better – just coughing a lot still and not feeling quite one hundred percent. I guess I’ll live.

So anyway, just wanted to say that yes, I’m still here, just very busy and then very ill . . . can’t wait for everything to get back to “normal.” HA!

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  1. Sandra on January 4, 2009 at 12:18 am

    Missed you! Hope you’re feeling even better by now. We are sending good strong thoughts C.’s way; it sounds like a difficult but ultimately good decision. I’m sorry things are so hard for the family right now. And I think there is nothing wrong with doing what you have to do to take care of yourself and stay sane, so good for you.
    Do you have a favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon? It’s weird; I know we watched a ton of Bugs Bunny as kids, but I can’t remember many details about it.