Hedge Apples

These “Hedge Apples” as they are called around here, are some of my favorite fall decorating material. I love the neon green color and the bumpy “brainy” texture.

You can’t eat hedge apples. I mean I guess you COULD eat them, but I wouldn’t advise it. I don’t think they would kill you, but let’s just not take a chance on that okay?

They are used around these parts to keep insects away. Some say it’s an old wives tale, and others swear by it. I like how they look, and I tend to believe old wives tales – so now you know which side I fall on in the great “Hedge Apple Controversy.”

We don’t have any of these trees growing on our property, so I’m always scouting locations for them as I drive. The other morning while taking my daughter to school, I stopped the van and made her get out and pick up some that were scattered by the side of the road. She rolled her eyes, but she did it. The only sad thing was that I made her late for school and she got a tardy. (Three tardies and you get a detention) Way to go mom! Well, life can’t be all hustle and bustle people! You have to stop and pick up the hedge apples sometimes!