Hot Ears and Cold Days

Last night, when David was playing with Wrigley he noticed that the inside of one of her ears was covered with something that looked liked dried blood – well that’s a sight to freak anyone out – and we all were. We couldn’t tell if she had just scratched herself and caused some bleeding or if there was another problem.

David often takes her to the racetrack where he works in the summer and she gets out and just runs like a fiend. While she’s going a hundred miles an hour you never know if something flew into her ear, or if she got a plant stuck in there – who knows!

So this morning we took her to the vet and discovered that she does have an ear infection. The Vet called it a “hot ear.”  He thinks the blood came from her scratching at it. I feel so bad. I hate when animals and little kids are sick because they can’t tell you what’s wrong! It makes you feel so guilty – like you should be able to read their minds and know when they aren’t feeling well. But even though she scratched at her ears – that seems normal and she’s been as hyper as ever!

The vet put her under and cleaned out her ear. Then he gave her a shot of antibiotics and also some steroids, and then prescribed more antibiotics that we have to give her for ten days. When she got home from the vet it was really sad because she was STONED. She couldn’t really walk straight or stay conscious for extended periods of time. I’m kind of jealous – HA! So this afternoon she’s been pretty much sleeping it off.  She did crack her eyes open when I took these photos, probably thinking WTF?

In other news, it’s freaking cold around these parts people – too damn cold!