We have a dog – Wrigley – a sweet natured galoot, half lab/half coon dog,  who just turned a year in August. She’s still an active puppy and she loves to play, play, play, play all day long. I’ve felt sorry for her many times, being stuck with me – not always the best company for a puppy probably. She loves when neices and nephews come over – they will run and shout and roll around with her and she ADORES that.

A week or so ago we had a strange little dog outside in the yard.  Wrigley was already outside and I noticed her and the other dog just running about and playing with each other like best buds.  The other dog seemed nice enough and Wrigley was having such a good time I was happy that she found someone to play with.

That night the little dog slept on our patio. I didn’t know what to do. He had a collar on, but no tags. We live in a very small town, so I figured he’d get bored and run along home as soon as he got hungry. Nope. He camped out. In the morning he was sleeping on the patio steps. David said not to feed him because then he would want to stay but I did put water out for him. After a day or so of constant pining after Wrigley, he eventually went home and we didn’t see him for a day or so.

He wasn’t gone for good though – he was back and just as eager to see Wrigley as usual. We decided to call him “Humphrey” for some obvious reasons. He is very enamored with Wrigley. Let’s just say that. Poor guy, he just doesn’t realize that Wrigley is not that kind of girl. Well she may have been, but she’s fixed so she has no interest in that stuff at all. She just wants to play, play, play and here’s poor Humprey following her around . . . well like a puppy dog – gotta give him some credit for his determination, anyway.

We eventually discovered that the owner lives one block over – if you cross the street and go to the backside of that block. He came by one day to pick Humphrey up and told us that they keep him in a pen, but he always manages to escape. You can’t stop l’amour, dear sir, as Pepe LePew would say,

You know, most men would get discouraged by now. Fortunately for you, I am not most men!”

So that’s the story of Wrigley and Humphrey – destined to become a classic I’m sure. Oh, and in the photos he isn’t barking or being ferocious – he’s just like a little bug on griddle and he can’t keep still – seriously, those were the clearest photos I got!

Oh, and his real name is Smokey – but he’ll always be Humphrey to us.