I say, I say, I say . . . Pay attention boy!

So this weekend we decided to clean out an old chicken coop that sets on our property to see if we could fix it up to raise chickens in. Wow what a job! The chicken coop itself looks pretty bad, but it has it’s charm.  It also looks better when the trees have leaves and the grass is green. Right now it looks pretty much like a little hobo shack that a stiff wind could blow over. We do have some work to do – the roof will be replaced first, and we will patch up the holes in the walls so raccoons and cats and other varmints can’t get in and have a tasty chicken snack.

All that junk you see in the front is junk we pulled out of the coop. That’s just a fraction of it too. Seriously, if you feel like storing some stuff and you’re telling yourself that you’ll deal with it later and it might come in handy someday – please look over these photos and realize that you’ll probably never need it and you’ll just be leaving it to rot and be cleaned up by someone else.

The most heartbreaking thing for me was a whole cupboard full of books. I have no idea how long this cupboard has been sitting out in the chicken coop, but there were also sacks of business receipts and tax records from around 1966, so I’m assuming the books have been out there about that long too.

Here’s the cupboard.

Here’s the books that were inside it.

It was almost completely full of books – all rotten and eaten up. Completely worthless.

They would just fall apart when you pulled them off the shelf.

I love books so much, so this was hard to see. Such a waste.

We did find lots of other interesting junk. Here is an old perm machine. The woman who owned the house before we bought it ran a beauty shop out of a little house next door. I have no idea how old this machine is. It’s obviously not in good condition, but it was interesting to see. Gabby could not believe this torture device was actually used to fix women’s hair.  Here’s a link that explains how they worked and has a better photo.

I hope you can see it in this photo.

Here’s a close up of the curling part.

and the brand name plate – so cute and art deco (oh, and I love the wasp nest built right next to it)

There was just so much STUFF! Lots of old wood, broken windows, empty boxes . . . none of it any good really because it had been sitting in the weather just rotting and rusting.  If you want to see more junk – there were some farm implement things out there – they look like old plows and tillers – that sort of stuff, old chicken waterers and feeders, rolls of wire, metal pipes and chimneys, an old furnace, practically a whole set of ruined kitchen chairs . . . I have some more photos posted on flickr if you just have to see more old junk!

I did have a little surprise when I lifted one board

I screamed a bit – I’ll admit it – I mean, I figured we’d find at least one dead animal out there, I was just hoping it wouldn’t be me who made the discovery. Well this poor guy I think died a bad death – he seems to have gotten stuck in the wood or maybe he just stretched out after he died, I don’t know – anyway it took a minute to find his other end.

When I found the snake’s head I also discovered a flattened squirrel. That was all the dead things we found though – YAY!

My brother, who is going to go in on half of our chicken project, put in some new wiring so we have electricity and lights out in the coop – WE CAN CLEAN AT NIGHT! 😀 And see all the cobwebs that need to be swept. . . wow it looks worse with the lights on!

My brother also helped us fix our sliding glass door. The handle broke off oh, about a year ago, and for some reason we haven’t bothered to fix it until now.  It was one of those small things that you forget about until you’re somewhere where you can’t do anything about it. On Saturday we went to Lowe’s to buy chicken wire and I remembered the door so I bought a new handle and my brother installed it. It’s fantastic – the whole idea of opening a door with a handle! Wow it makes things so much easier! Amazing.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.


  1. Sandra on February 23, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    You and your crazy “handle” contraption. Hooray for the chicken project! Will Wrigley be helping out with that? Wrigley, Head Chicken Wrangler. Taz and Scat, associate wranglers. The perm machine is insane, but I agree that the little brand name plate is cool. That is sad about all the books; could you read any of the titles? The other day at work, a somewhat kooky guy came in cradling a book under one arm; I wanted to ask him what he was reading, but it was one of those cases where you realize you might be treated to a much longer and wackier explanation than you bargained for. I finally got a look at it as he was leaving; it was The Handbook of Cryogenic Engineering.

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