These are some lemons I bought.

A good natural cleanse, especially if you have gall bladder issues, is to squeeze a lemon and add equal amounts of good olive oil to the lemon juice. Oh, it tastes terrible don’t worry. You just have to shoot it back as quickly as possible. You also have to do it a couple of times a day for like a week or more.  It does work though.  Although, really what can’t lemons do? They make fantastic lemonade. They can squirt your enemy in the eye and temporarily blind them. They look nice in a still life. They can naturally bleach your clothes or counter tops.  Basically, they are nature’s Clorox, without the “turning your clothes tie-dye style effect” if you accidentally spill some on your favorite shirt.

Anyway, my daughter saw these and she started singing that U2 song “Lemon.” Then she labeled one forme, in case I forgot what it was. She’s good to me like that.

Then she drew a face on the back. Her “Ode the Lemonhead Guy”

Admit it, right now you’re singing in a falsetto . . . “LEMMMOOOONNNNNN”