Magnetic Personality

Last night I did some Christmas shopping with Gabby. Our last stop was Target where we wanted to look for some stocking stuffers for David. In the men’s underwear section there was a little girl who looked to be about 5 or 6. She became hypnotized by the wonderment that is Gabby. She literally could not take her eyes off her. Gabby and I were looking at each other out of the corners of our eyes and kind of laughing to ourselves while discussing the merits of 100% cotton boxers . . . it was cute and yet unnerving. We moved to another rack and the little girl stayed with us, staring without blinking. I’m serious, it was an intense stare for about 5 minutes. Gabby and I kept glancing at each other nervously – was this little girl from Children of the Damned? Would she explode our heads with her stare? Finally her mom must have realized she was missing and called her back. Whew, that was a close call.

Gabby is just at that age where she is naturally magnetic. When we went to Sonic the other day to get a drink, the napkin guy would not leave her alone. The first time he offers napkins and ketchup, it’s nice. The second time, uh, we said, “no thanks.” Finally, he just sort of threw himself at the car – I kid you not – he was sort of sprawling across the fender with his face nearing the windshield. This time he wasn’t even offering napkins. He was just unable to control it, like a moth to the flame. I was laughing thinking how sad that he’s flirting with a girl who’s obviously setting right next to her mom. Nothing could be less cool. Or less akward. Like I said, people just can’t help it – and I’m not being biased. I have proof.