Mucinex cocktails

Where to start . . . well first, the bronchitis fairy visited and left me a couple of lungs full of mucus that I’m still hacking up – “Pneumonia, the gift that keeps on giving.” I don’t know if it’s pneumonia really, I do like to exaggerate, but seriously it SUCKS and it kept me down a good week. I’m still not 100 percent, but at least I can walk to the kitchen and back without having to set down and catch my breath.  Grrrr…. I hate being sick. HATE it.

David was telling me that he’s begun a new twitter account and suggested I do the same. I laughed and said that my days are really pretty boring and that no one needs to know “Just let the dog out”  “oh now I’m letting the dog back in”.  He also suggested I could update people with “just had another coughing fit” Oh, yeah, everyone would be hanging on my every word!

Remember that I made a new years resolution to avoid my family? Well that resolution is down the drain. Despite my best efforts I’m just not unpleasant enough – they keep coming around, oblivious to the fact that I’m ignoring them. Crap. My sister came down and stayed for the past two weekends. I was glad that she could visit her kids, but like everything, it’s complicated. You want to hug her and shake her at the same time.  She’s very into being the victim. It’s so frustrating and infuriating. You want to feel bad for her, and I do, I really do, but when someone is constantly telling you how bad everything is – well, it just gets freaking old. She’s so stuck in the place where she is that she can’t see that there’s a way to move forward. She sees no reason to move forward – she doesn’t see that she’s not the only person who is affected by her disease. She doesn’t see that her kids need her and that they are being hurt by her – I’m just going to say it – her selfishness. I love her, I try to help her, but I’m also angry with the way she’s chosen to handle her life. I can’t change her, I just have to deal with it and it’s difficult.

Saturday night I also had my brother’s daughter and son spend the night as well as my sister’s son and daughter. They had a good time – they are very close in age so they love to play together. The boys are into playing Halo and the girls love HANNAH MONTANNA! OMG! While the boys were on the computer playing, the girls love to play with this big bag of scarves I have. They do all kinds of crazy imaginative things with them. They dress up in them, make forts with them, dress up Gabby’s old dolls, then they finally tried to tie one on Wrigley as a cape . . . you can see Wrigley is trying to be patient with this crap.

For Wrigley, all these kids are her puppies. All night long she kept coming into the living room, where the kids were sleeping on the floor, to count and sniff each one – making sure all her puppies were accounted for! She loves when all the kids are here on the weekends, and she gets bummed out on Monday when it’s just me and her again . . .

Lastly, Gabby got some glasses to wear when she’s not wearing her contacts lens (what’s the plural of that? Lenses?) She looks so adorable! Seriously, does everyone feel that way about their kids?  I look at her and I’m always struck by how beautiful she is – I have no idea where she gets it, seriously.

I told her to “SMILE PRETTY!” and this is what I get! What a smartass.

This is her “ROAR” (just like her t-shirt from her aunt) I love that shirt.

Lastly, she was chosen to play in an all-state band and here she’s dressed for the concert. She’s very proud to be a band geek!

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  1. Sandra on February 9, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Gabby looks fabulous in those glasses. And come on, the beautiful mother-daughter resemblance is obvious. Yay, roar t-shirt.