Pair a Keets

So, you know, I figured there wasn’t quite enough going on in my life lately . . . last night we went and bought two parakeets.

Nathaniel had been asking if he could have a pet. He really wanted a newt, but they didn’t have newts at our pet store. I refused the request for a rat or a snake (I’ve had enough of snakes recently). I know these animals are perfectly wonderful pets for some people, just not for me. I don’t know why I’m okay with a hamster, but not a rat. I couldn’t explain it to Nathaniel and Gabby in the pet store except to fall back onto the “because I said so” rationalization.  I guess it’s why I wouldn’t eat horse meat. I know they supposedly do it in France, but unless my covered wagon has broken down along the Oregon Trail during a blizzard in the Rockies, I’m not eating it. I don’t know why. It just doesn’t seem right.

This is why I am not a philosopher.

Anyway, back to the parakeets. They’re adorable. They’re just little ones (they still have the lines on their heads which will disappear as they grow older) They do not have names yet. Nathaniel was throwing around a few names last night. I believe the names he was pondering were names of Bionicles or Halo characters or something. They sounded like Scorch and Vector and Seven-of-Nine and what have you. I suggested that maybe some heavy warrior name was a bit much for a tiny bird, but I’ll be fine with whatever he chooses. Gabby decided if Nathaniel’s was going to have a warrior name she would name hers “Wallace” after William Wallace in Braveheart. I think she was being a smartass. Then again, we might end up with parakeets named Rambo and Darth Maul for all I know.

This one is Gabby’s bird. He (or she – not sure) is quite feisty. The guy at the pet store had a bit of trouble catching him, and he seems a bit more tempermental than the other. The photo isn’t very good, but I didn’t want to freak them out completely on their first day here by taking a million photos and blinding them with the flash. His head is actually more yellow than it appears here.

This one is Nathaniel’s. He’s so sweet!

Wrigley was very interested in the new additions to the family.

She actually seems to like the birds and hasn’t bothered them at all.


  1. Sandra on February 25, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Wrigley totally looks like she’s pointing at them, like a huntin’ dog. They are adorable. I wish I could have a bird.

  2. Burfica on February 25, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    We got my son two parakeets. Sassy who looks like your Gabby’s, a girl, and then a green and yellow one that was named Flutter, he was a boy. Flutter had seizures that were actually kinda funny, he was the comic relief. But he died at only 3 years old, so we got another one to keep Sassy company, her name is Tweety. They don’t get along as well as Flutter and Sassy did. Tweety is powder blue instead of the bright turquoise blue.

    Oh and if you didn’t know to tell their sex, they have to be a bit older, and the skin right above their beak tells ya. If I remember right if it has a blue tint they are girls and white means boys. I could have it backwards though, it’s late. lol