Post Game Report

HEY! So, how’s it going? Well, our Thanksgiving was great! We ate so much good food – we’re still bloated like ticks!

Here are some photos of the Thanksgiving Table. It was a pretty low-key dinner with only five people eating. I couldn’t find any place mats I liked, so I decided to try making some. I found some vintage Thanksgiving postcards and printed them out on 11×17″ paper and then laminated them. That seems kind of cheesy doesn’t it? Plastic place mats on the Thanksgiving table? It looked better in person I think. I hope I’m not turning into one of those people who put plastic covers on all the furniture . . . I’m laughing at myself right now just thinking about it. I’m going to start smoking and use those long cigarette holders, like Cruella DeVil, and I’ll get a little dog that I’ll carry around all the time. I’ll probably be drinking highballs on a regular basis too. It’ll be great. I have some goals now, and it all started with plastic place mats!

Okay, back away from the fantasy, slowly . . .

So, anyway, it was very nice and homey – not exactly Martha Stewart, but then again, who really wants that? The food was good, the company was excellent, the weather was beautiful and I really had things organized so it wasn’t stressful at all – which is surprising for me since I tend to stress pretty easily. This year I really tried not to worry about the little things that aren’t that important – I just went with the flow, and let me tell you, it’s a lot more fun than freaking out about everything.

We ended up doing a kind of buffet, so that the table was more comfortable to sit at. My mother in law brought her most delicious broccoli salad which I need to get the recipe for. We didn’t ask her to bring anything – because she works and I didn’t want to bother her, but right before they arrived my daughter and I were saying, “Oh we should have asked her to bring her broccoli salad,” and she did! We were ecstatic!

So, this weekend my sister and her kids are coming for a short visit – there will be barking dogs and yelling children and chaos . . . and hopefully some laying around and watching movies and recovering from all the food!

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  1. Sandra on November 29, 2008 at 11:48 am

    The table and the buffet look beautiful! Yes, never hesitate to demand the broccoli salad. Also, I like the placemats and I very much like the idea of covering everything in plastic. Think how hilarious it would be to watch the animals slide around every time they got on the furniture. And you don’t need a little dog; just carry Wrigley around. You may not have a free hand for the highball then, though. Get Gabby to carry it around for you. Sort of reminiscent of Mad Men, where the kids serve the drinks.