I should be cleaning. Instead I’m procrastinating. I’m starting to freak out about Thanksgiving already. I’m also supposed to babysit for my two nieces tonight which will be fun, but I’m not sure if they are coming over here or if we are going over there. It’s a little easier to go over there because they don’t have a large dog that will want to jump on them and knock them down and make them cry – but only because she loves them soooo much and want to play, play, play!  She will calm down after awhile, but there usually has to be a little crying first.

So, I guess I really should go and clean something. Man, that does not sound appealing AT ALL. I will feel better afterwards though. I gotta keep telling myself that.  I spent some time today making another mix tape on Mixwit – this is a more relaxing one – for listening to on cool autumn days or nights and drinking some hot mulled cider, or better yet, wine! I like the whole make your own mixtape idea, but it is kind of frustrating because the songs I want to include aren’t always available and I can’t figure out how to upload your own music. I also think sometimes the tape is difficult to listen to depending on your connection. Sorry if it’s frustrating for you. It did waste some time though, and that’s what counts!

So have a listen – let me know what you think . . .

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