Okay, first of all I never went to prom when I was in High School. I was an angsty teen and I hated the whole idea of dressing up and going to spend a magical night with a big group of other teenagers that I couldn’t stand most of the time.  Yeah, I wasn’t a real popular student. So anyway, it’s been twenty some odd years since I was in high school and guess what? Not going to prom seems to have not made a big impact on my life. YAY! Then along came Gabby – little miss girly-girl, not an angsty bone in her body. Well okay, maybe one bone but it’s a real small bone – probably one that’s in her ear or a toe bone or something.

So Gabby’s prom. Good Lord, let me just say, I feel like I did get to go to prom after all! Prom was more than a week long ordeal of helping to create decorations, planning, tanning, shopping, hair appointments, finding someone to do dress alterations, a dog chewing up a brand new pair of shoes, buying replacement shoes, forgetting something, freaking out, using fake nails and fake eyelashes, borrowing jewelry, co-ordinating a group of girl’s schedules . . . I’m not kidding, it was more of an ordeal than my wedding was. Seriously.

After it was all said and done, she looked beautiful, and I think she had a good time. She went with a group of her friends – they didn’t want to get dates, which was fine by me!  One of the girls arranged to have a family friend escort them to prom in a vintage Cadillac – very cool. They made a show stopping entrance.

In our small town, prom appears to be a BIG deal. I had no idea! I said they should put out a red carpet and have the kids walk down it and get some sophomores to use microphones to interview them and ask the “who they’re wearing.”  All the parents could be the paparazzi . . . see how that could work?!

There was another group that showed up to the prom in style. I didn’t see what kids came in it, but it was parked out in front. I had to get a photo to show you just how we roll out here in the country. YEE HAW!

They had some more vintage cars parked in front to give you that whole “Oldies Rock and Roll” vibe! The prom was held at one of the old storefronts downtown that’s been converted into a club/ballroom type place. The theme was obviously “1950’s Rock and Roll!”

Oh, well, she looked wonderful and she’ll be able to save these memories of her friends and fun times. I even got a little teary eyed seeing her all grown up and looking so beautiful.

Luckily, she’s still a goofball at heart!