Pumpkin Carving Templates

Need some templates for this Halloween?  Here are few sites I’ve found with downloadable images. From the odd to the macabre – check these out!

Nothing says terror like Raymond Burr! Don’t forget to hide this one when the kids come over! Find this and more here!

How about a tiki face . . . this could really be cool out by the pool or near the bar! (If you live in Hawaii or California!) Find this one here.

This one seriously took me about five minutes to figure out what the heck it was . . . I was really straining like, “is it a wrecked BATMOBILE for crying out loud?”  Turns out it’s Blue from Blues Clues – on his side. I don’t watch much Nick Jr. what can I say. Find more Nick characters here.

If it’s Disney you prefer, they have several cute character templates here

Last, but certainly not least are my personal favorites – Universal Monsters Templates over at Wonderful Wonderblog.

Happy Carving – and watch where you’re pointing that knife!!!!

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