Random Friday

Today is the first day I awoke without hacking up a lung. Because I am so happy about being able to breathe more normally I don’t even mind that snow is in the forecast – even though it was almost seventy degrees two days ago . . .

Gabby made valentine cupcakes last night for her friends. Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting . . . they smelled really awesome!

Last night David called as he was driving home and told Gabby to get the camera and go outside and take a photo because there was an almost perfect oval of white in the night sky. She and Nathaniel went out to see what it was – Nathaniel got creeped out and came back inside. Gabby came back in and said she couldn’t get a good photo of it because there were too many trees on our street. So, I put on my shoes and we drove outside of town to try to get a better shot. Our camera is not really equipped to take fancy nighttime shots so this is what we got:

Yeah – what a let down huh? Especially since Gabby was saying it was an opening in the clouds where a UFO came through.(Mostly she was saying that to freak Nathaniel out) Sadly, no. It was just a very oval shaped cloud. Sorry you couldn’t see it.

We did manage to get a shot of this:

Which for some reason makes me laugh. It’s so juvenile, I know.

I asked Gabby if she thought we were the only family that calls their kids and tells them to drop what they’re doing so they can go take a photo. My parents would have never done anything like that. When I worked outside the home and Gabby would have to be alone for the summer I would leave her lists of chores that she had to get done during the day. Most of the time I would specify that she had to do one creative thing a day. I don’t care if the vacuuming gets done, but dammit when I get home I want to see some art! I do think it’s important though, to encourage kids to be creative – in whatever way they like to express themselves whether it’s cooking, or drawing, or making collages – it’s also important that kids be able to make a mess. They have to clean it up, sure, but they should definitely be able to be creative without worrying about keeping everything “tidy.”

Oh, and for sheer weirdness – here’s a piece of yard art Gabby and I saw. It’s the sock monkey that’s driving the horse cart that really makes it don’t you think? That is what they call a stroke of genius!

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  1. Sandra on February 13, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Oh MAN, those cupcakes look delectable. Aaaas for the mysteriously unphotographable UFO portal, I think you are all cuckoo. Awesome yard art. The midwest has the best yard art, in my opinion.