Scary Inspirations

Tonight we are carving pumpkins so I was scouting out the internet looking for some inspiration and I came across this photo on the Skull a Day website (which you should check out if you haven’t already!) Isn’t this the coolest? People are so creative! It’s too late in our area to buy any white pumpkins, but I’m keeping this in mind for next year! It’s just so perfect!!


I also found this site, My Parents Loved Halloween, where there are some really great old photos – and you can post your own. Go over there for some Halloween inspiration!!!  I’ve also thought, isn’t it funny how the costumes were not as “sophisticated” as the ones we have today, yet they are so much more scary! Really scary! I mean check out this one – I don’t even know what she’s supposed to be – Little Red Riding Hood, a witch? I don’t know but it’s freaking terrifying!!!