Setting reachable goals.

I was planning to write a really spectacular post today to make up for the lame ones that I’ve been putting up lately, but then I was like, “Eh, let’s not get crazy about this.”  I like to set your expectations pretty low, so that if something spectacular happens you’re truly WOWed.

Instead of writing, I’m just going to post some photos of my nieces. They are spectacular, actually, so hey, what am I worried about?

Here they are, just a regular night at home. Sippin’ on apple juice, got their colors on their mind and their mind on their colors . . .

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer!”

Heavy is the clown head that wears the crown.

There are few things funnier than a three year old with plastic vampire teeth. Especially when they say, “Put your finger in here and I’ll BITE it!”

and not to be outdone, although this one didn’t quite get how they are supposed to fit in your mouth. Still funny tho’