Some Universal Thoughts

So this weekend on AMC they ran the classic, 1941 The Wolf Man and one of it’s sequels,  Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (1943). I just happened to wake up at the right time to catch both of these flicks, and in the wee early hours of the morning (and I do mean wee) I had some deep thoughts and questions about these movies . . . maybe you can help me with the answers.

First one, The Wolf Man – okay it’s pretty straight forward right? Larry Talbot returns home from studying abroad, goes out in the woods get bitten by Bela Lugosi who’s a Gypsy/Wolf Man, which turns poor Larry into a Wolf Man himself. No one believes him except the old gypsy woman who gives him a pendant for protection . . . (remember this because I have a couple questions about it) . . . then Larry goes on a rampage and ultimately is killed by a sliver tipped cane to the skull.  Okay got it.


My first  question is for Malvena, they gypsy – if  that pendant you gave Larry was supposed to protect him from turning into the Wolf Man, why wasn’t your son wearing one?  Also, I’ve noticed that in old scary movies, the majority of the characters do not believe in anything supernatural. Their religion is science and no amount of coaxing will convince them that anything outside our little 3-D world exists – well until they have to crack their Wolf Man son in the skull with a silver tipped walking cane.  Yeah buddy, should have listened but it’s too late now!

Okay, I’ll leave you to ponder those questions while we move onto Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. Oh boy, you have to be a real fan to watch some of these sequels . . . This one has Bela Lugosi playing Frankenstein. sigh. Oh Bela how I love you, but you should not have been playing the Frankenstein Monster!


Anyhoo – I’m just going to overlook that and move on. In this movie, grave robbers open Larry Talbot’s grave and I guess the moonlight shining in the open coffin wakes him from the dead . . .? And now he’s awake and he’s not too happy about it. So he sets off to find Malvena again, and hey, I know! Let’s find Dr. Frankenstein and see if he can help. . .


What about Dr. Frankenstein’s  career path makes a person think, yeah, I got a problem and THIS is the guy to turn to? What exactly about a raging out of control monster, being hounded by a pack of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches, being driven from your hometown, what about all that  made you think, well after THAT success he can’t do anything but fix my problems?!

So Larry and Malvena are just off on the wrong foot as far as I can tell.

In any case Dr. Frankenstein is dead, Larry’s gets no help from his daughter, so he heads off to the Frankenstein ruins and finds the Monster frozen in ice (?) he chips him out and something eventually pisses them both off and they fight and it all ends badly for the monsters.  Like I said, you really have to be dedicated to these monsters to put up with this weak storyline.

Oh, I’ll still watch them and I try to have my ‘suspension of disbelief’ but there are still times when the little things just gnaw at me. . . .   (hee hee monsters gnaw at me, get it?)

Yeah. I’m stopping now.