Spring Break

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around these parts. The kids are on spring break and we’ve managed to get quite a few things accomplished. This weekend Gabby and I cleaned out a small garage – we’re going to keep the chicks in there until they are big enough to move to the chicken coop. We took two pickup loads of junk to the dump from that garage, then we took one more load of junk from the chicken coop. Let’s just say we’re on a first name basis with the guy who runs the dump. His name is “Lucky.”

Gabby and I both decided the dump is a pretty depressing place.  She thinks it looks like old photos from the past predicting what the future would look like . . . if that makes sense. I just get all stressed about the waste of stuff and feeling kinda sick from thinking about all the “garbage” being buried in the ground. I can’t think about it too long or I get freaked out.

We also fixed a leak that developed under the kitchen sink. Gabby – who has become my official handywoman – was helping me change the water filter and we discovered that one of the pipes under the sink was rusting out and leaking. We figured out what replacement pipe we needed and Gabby started to do the work, but we got to a place where we couldn’t get the nut unscrewed and we had to have help. I have figured out that when you want something done you have to just start doing it. The sink is now fixed and we replaced the bottom of the cupboard which had been ruined by water damage.

David tilled the garden for me this weekend. Gabby and I are planting potatoes, onions, lettuce and spinach tomorrow. Today we planted hollyhocks and zinnias along one of the shed walls that face into the backyard. I hope they come up! It’s hard waiting for seeds to grow.

Speaking of seeds, all the seeds I started are sprouting. I think I messed up a bit though because the tomatoes are looking pretty “leggy.” I think I may have them in an area that’s too warm which caused them to grow all spindly.

I’m going to repot them and bury the stems and see if that will help – oh well, live and learn, right?

Today I also worked on repotting some aloe vera plants I have. If I have a gift for growing something it’s aloes. I swear they are taking over! I usually break them up each year because they are so prolific, but last year I didn’t and now it’s caught up with me.

They’ve outgrown their pots so I’ve been working to break them up and repot them.  If you were here, I’d give you one or two – but watch out – they’re like rabbits, soon you’ll have more than you can count!

Wrigley is “helping” as you can see.

Nathaniel went to visit his mom and dad for a couple of days. He was pretty nervous about going because last time he went his parents were arguing and I think it’s just stressful there. I told him if he needs to call me just go ahead. He’s only been gone a few hours and I already miss him. I hope he has a good time.

Gabby and I are going tomorrow to have her prom dress altered and to run some other errands. Time is really starting to fly by!