Sugar Hangover

Wow, what a great Halloween it’s been! I kind of crapped out on the countdown for the last couple of days, my apologies for that – but I was busy cleaning and decorating and making treats – doing the real work of Halloween! How did yours go?

The kids went Trick or Treating right as it was getting dark. They stayed out for a few hours and came back with quite a nice haul. There was of course the usual trading and chowing down as soon as they got back. We played the mad scientist game while waiting for some other guests to arrive. Then we ate “ghoulash” and “mummy dogs” – everyone loved them and of course I was too busy to get photos of the food! But here’s Elvis, he stopped by to help me out in the kitchen, and made a few mummy dogs.

We also had orange sherbet punch, ghost cookies, cake, and graveyard parfaits! Oh man do I have a sugar hangover today! Everyone loved all the treats!

David dressed up like a mad scientist, and I went as a witch this year! My nieces and nephews came in a range of costumes – most of them surprising and fun! I love to see what the kids are going to wear!

We had the grim reaper, an airplane pilot, bat girl, Hannah Montana, an evil biker, a little senorita, a bunny and a bumble bee ( I didn’t get any good photos of the bumble bee which was very disappointing because she was adorable!), there was also a storm trooper and like I said before, Elvis came by.

I think my favorite costume was the mad scientist! He looked fantastic and it was fun to see David dressed up. He spent the night videotaping everything, so I think he was actually a mad film maker.

We played a few games, but the one that the kids liked the most was, can you believe it, MUSICAL CHAIRS! It became somewhat of a blood sport! Everyone was so into it by the end there were kids strewn about the room crying and bleeding – who knew kids were so serious about such an old fashioned game?!

Anyway, it was a great Halloween! I hope all of you had a great one too! I’m kinda sad that it’s all done for the year . . . but today I’m recuperating and then tomorrow I’ll take everything down and look forward to next year!