Tastes like Christmas . . .

I’ve been busy here lately making and baking. I think I could apply to be one of Santa’s elves. Well, I certainly don’t meet the size requirement, but hey it’s not like Santa and his wife are Skinny-Minnies either!

My sister’s MS has been getting worse, as I’ve mentioned before, so my dad went to pick her and the two youngest kids up on Saturday. They will be staying indefinitely. Not sure what the plan is there yet. On Sunday I had the kids come over to make Sugar Cookies. They turned out very distorted and barely decorated, but the kids had fun (I think) so that’s what matters. This photo looks funny – poor sugar cookie man is trapped!

Gabby and I have also made Molasses Cookies using my great grandma’s recipe. They are my all time favorite cookie. I can’t wait to eat them!

We also made candy covered pretzels – both white

and chocolate

We made candy dipped candy canes, which I equate with deep fat frying a snickers. I mean, you’re thinking, “I know! Let’s dip this cane made entirely from sugar into some sugar and fat and then sprinkle it with some tiny colored bits of sugar! Perfect!”

While we were doing that, Gabby had the great idea to dip candy cane Hershey’s kisses into the melted chocolate – then we did coat some of them with sprinkles. These are flipping fantastic if you love chocolate and mint flavors! I don’t know if anyone else has already done this, but I think my daughter is a genius!

Lastly, we made chocolate covered cherry mice – aren’t they so cute. You can put little drops of icing on for eyes and stuff, but really we were just tired by the end of the candy making marathon so we settled for the minimalist approach.

Here’s another shot – sorry these photos didn’t turn out so well. I did try making three blind mice – but then I remembered that the farmer’s wife cut off their tails and that started a whole conversation about how creepy some children’s songs are.

Today I’m making Russian Tea Cakes and we made Gingerbread dough, but when I took it out of the fridge today it’s all crumbly and I’m not sure it’s a good recipe. I’m going to go try and work with it a bit and see what happens. So anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to – wish you were here to share some of my goodies with!


  1. Sandra on December 22, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Candy cane hershey’s kisses??? Oh man. Way to tempt a vegan :). The chocolate cherry mice are my favorite, though. Sorry to hear that C’s MS is worse; I hope that being with your parents will let her relax a bit more and start to feel better. I’m sure the kids love the chance to see you guys more, especially during the holidays! I am sad that we are staying here, and not only are we staying in Portland, we are mostly staying in our house because the city keeps getting more and more snow dumped on it, and these people are not set up to deal with snow. Both Matthew’s office and the bike shop were closed today! It feels weird to be snowed in, being from the midwest where the snowplows would’ve had this stuff cleared up by now.

  2. B-Movie Star on December 23, 2008 at 11:21 am

    I wish you guys were coming too! We really need to develop those Star Trek Transporters! I am kind of jealous over you being snowed in! Sometimes our snowplows are a little TOO efficient :).