Thanksgiving eve

So today I will be busy cleaning (yuck) and baking pies.  I had to get up early to make 4 packages of StoveTop Stuffing for David’s work’s potluck Thanksgiving dinner. (I’m not sure of the proper use of all those apostrophes – what is the possessive in that sentence? There’s probably a better way to write it, sorry) Anyway, he was off with his crockpot full of boxed stuffing. For our dinner tomorrow he will make his homemade stuffing – a recipe from his Granny. We’ve already got the bread sitting out getting all dry and hard.

I’m going to make pumpkin pie and apple pie today, with apples from our trees! (I hope they turn out!) But first I have to clear off some clutter and scrub a toilet and mop some floors . . .  all the stuff I’ve been putting off until the last possible minute.  I’ve got to remember to be thankful that I have so much to do because that means I have a home, and food, and lots of people I love. It’s all good!

For your Thanksgiving treat, here’s My Mom’s Super-easy, No-fail, Pie Crust Recipe:

2/3 cup oil

1/2 cup milk

This is important – add the MILK to the OIL (not vice versa). Then add 2 cups of flour and a dash of salt. Mix it all together and roll out on a floured surface.

Ta-daaaa! That’s it. It really is easy and it tastes good too!

Okay, I’m done procrastinating – I’m off to work!