The Case of the Destroyed Cushion

So the other day I had a doctor’s appointment and upon returning home this is the sight that greeted me as I walked into the house.

I didn’t quite know what the mess was for a second, but as I looked around the room I realized something was MISSING!

Well, this WAS a mystery! Who could have destroyed the couch cushion and what evil purpose would they have to do something so dastardly?

I noticed a few other items had been destroyed, but the perpetrator left the obvious cash alone. My mind was racing . . . did I have any enemies? Well, I mean that knew where I lived NOW? I couldn’t think of any.

A pair of Gabby’s dress shoes had been attacked as well. Did Gabby have any enemies? Well, I mean ones that knew where she lived NOW? I was stumped.

This attack had all the markings of a hate crime. Someone with a big score to settle had been here.

The birds remained tight beaked. I could see they weren’t going to sing.

I went to interrogate the cats. They didn’t want to be known as “squealers” but they were willing to give me what information they had. The last one they’d seen near the sofa was . . .


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  1. creative kerfuffle on March 31, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    lol–omg, that post is too funny. i love that the cats “outed” the dog!