The Old is New, Again

Okay so I saw the ads for the AMC show Mad Men last season but I willfully ignored it. I saw the ads and I knew immediately that it looked like a show I would like. The styling is impecable – and the freaking logo – don’t even get me started about how perfect it is.

But, like I said, I didn’t want to get hooked, so I purposely stayed away.  I have this weird . . . habit, I guess, that I make myself wait for things like music and art. I remember in college when I would buy a new tape (yeah this was back in the old days when people still listened to cassette tapes) I wouldn’t take it home and listen to it. I would wait and wait until everyone else was over the album and it wasn’t really being played anymore and then I would open it up and listen – and get hooked. I don’t know why. It’s sort of like it could be my own then or something. I could discover it without other people’s influences and judgements.

So anyway, the other day I saw that there was an episode of Mad Men on Hulu, so I decided to watch it and see if it was worth the hype. Yeah, I got sucked in and it’s just as freaking wonderful as I’d suspected it would be. I love the way the show looks, I love the characters, I love the storylines and the dialogue. I love the color palette of the show. I love the suits – the browns and silvers and golds and greys – I love the haircuts and the constant smoking . . . and drinking.  I downloaded the first season and have been obsessively catching up. Then I see that there’s a second season marathon this Sunday evening – and WE’RE HAVING COMPANY! crap. Is that just my luck or what?