Day 2 – The Sum of All Fears

Well this is a late post! I got caught today working on a bunch of stuff that I hadn’t planned for – oh well, that’s just how it goes!

Today I’m going to tell you somethings that I am afraid of.

First of all, I’m afraid of this:

Seriously – this guy scared the CRAP out of me as a kid.  Once, I was sleeping at my grandma’s house in this little spare bedroom that she had. I was maybe 5 or 6 and I awoke in the middle of the night with that guy standing at the end of the bed. I was immediately wide awake and frozen with fear. I couldn’t move – you know the logic – if you move, he knows you’re awake and he”ll GETCHA! So, I laid still, barely breathing, too terrified to move or call for help. After what seemed like hours I finally drifted back to sleep. When I awoke in the a.m. I realized that this guy was actually a tall coat tree draped with coats and hats, and in the dark it looked like a tall horrible figure with a top hat waiting to eat me alive. What a flippin’ relief!

But I was still scared of him – I had a terrible nightmare about him once too. He was chasing me through an eerie deserted city and I finally crawled inside a car and ducked down into the seat to hide. Thinking I was safe, I looked up and suddenly his face popped into my view – he was laying on the roof of the car looking down throught the windshield at me! It still creeps me out to remember that dream . . . brrrrr!

Another guy who scared me was this guy:

Remember this creepy s.o.b? Yeah, I has a couple nightmares after seeing this “kids” movie; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. What twisted adult thought having this guy as a “Kid Catcher” was a fun idea for kids? Ugh, I still hate this movie!

Notice a similarity between these guy? Me too. Which brings me to the third thing I’m afraid of:


They reek of evil! Case in point:


Jack the Ripper. I don’t know who he was, but I know he wore a top hat.

and let’s not forget this guy: