The Summer List

When I was kid, on the last day of school the teacher would give you a list of things to do over the summer, and it usually had a list of books that they recommended you read. I, being a consummate nerd (see, I even used the word consummate), would pour over the list every summer planning how I would get supplies to make certain craft projects. Scheming who I would get to help me build certain things, or be in certain homemade clubs with me, or basically be my accomplice. It usually turned out to be my sister. She was game for all my crazy plans – she did outgrow that, by the way.  Man, I loved those days!


This summer I started thinking I should reprise the Summer List. One because I’m still a nerd and I love lists. Two because I always think of things I should do, or would like to do, then I usually forget it until it’s too late or something.

Okay, so here’s my list – just off the top of my head tonight. I think I will add to it as I go. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I especially like book and movie recommendations.

  • Make a scrapbook – real world, not digital
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to a ballgame
  • Take at least one photo a day
  • Make a book list and read them all
  • Make a list of movies I want to see
  • Spend one weekend away with my husband
  • Blow up balloons, tie notes to them and set them free for someone else to find
  • Spend a day at the lake with Gabby
  • Make a family game night every Friday – each person gets to choose the game on different nights
  • paint the bathroom
  • go to all the local museums in the area
  • work on my family website
  • Have an outdoor movie party
  • Grill
  • practice sewing (HA! oh my sewing skills are pretty lame!)
  • Finish a painting and make more art

Read, read, read!!!!

What are you doing this summer?