What’s goin’ on

Wow. January has been a bit crazee for me, there’s been a lot going on. Here’s some random tidbits of everything.

  • I love having my nephew living here. When he was born I took care of him while my sister worked, so in a lot of ways he’s partly my kid – well they all are, at least that’s how I feel about them. He cracks me up – he always has. This weekend on the way to the grocery store he started to tell us why his sister is the way she is (from a younger brother’s perspective) so I asked him why he is the way he is and he told me it was “Joker Pudding.”  That would be my fault. See, my nephew is a notoriously picky eater and one time when he was about 3 or 4 I made pistachio pudding and he wouldn’t try it so I told him it was “Joker Pudding.”  Then of course he had to try it and every bite made him laugh hysterically – yes, he’s quite a card. Now I find out the Joker Pudding has totally altered his psyche!
  • Reports from my sister say she is doing better with physical therapy. She’s quit smoking and David said she sounded clearer on the phone this weekend when he talked to her. I am feeling more hopeful about things than I have for a long time. It’s a fragile, tiny hope but it’s better than nothing.
  • One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to live healthier. Today Gabby and I are going to “work out” after she gets out of school. I am pretty scared – because I haven’t “worked out” in a couple of years . . . but as the song says, I vow to do one thing a day that scares me. Gabby bought me a membership to our local “Wellness Center” for Christmas. Really, she is the best daughter in the world. I’m not just saying that. I have strangers who have told me also.
  • Lately I have dreamed these things: one dream I was flying. I remembered how to fly and I was feeling so happy about it. I was in an old house and my sister was there. She couldn’t fly and I was trying to wait for her so she could remember how to do it. I flew around outside and it was amazing. I came back and I felt guilty because my sister was still in the house. I woke up and the dream made me cry. It still does.
  • I also dreamed I had six babies. I was waiting for David to help me get them home. Gabby was in the dream with an old friend and her sister. We were going to have to bring the babies home in the back of a pickup truck. I’m not sure what the heck that was all about.
  • I dreamed that I went to a friend’s house and she lived in another small town that I’d never been to. Inside the house it was full of older Native Americans. They were all being so kind to me. I went up to a group of old men to introduce myself each one of them took my hand and shook it. One of them held my hand and made a sign from his heart to me and gave me a blessing. When I woke up I felt so peaceful.
  • My nephew has made me watch “Star Wars Clone Wars” so to get him back, I made him eat cashew chicken.
  • I’m trying to read more this year – another new year’s resolution. I have four books in the line up so far. I bought myself one for Christmas, Isabel Allende’s Ines of My Soul. I LOVE Isabel Allende’s books and I love her too. We also share the same birthday and she looks like my mom’s side of the family so I think that all means something. 🙂 I just started reading it, so I have no review of it yet.  I also got a book from my MIL for Christmas called, “All for the Love of Mothers” which is a memoir of a midwife and looks very interesting. Then I have a couple of spiritual books that my brother in law gave me to read – I need to get on it!
  • This is off the subject but the Golden Globes . . . didn’t watch, don’t care too much, but I did happen to see a picture of Mickey Rourke who won for his part in The Wrestler and . . . wow. That’s all I have to say – see Johnny Handsome. (This is great start for my new year’s resolution to be less judgemental)

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  1. Sandra on January 12, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    You have the best dreams. I’m so glad C. is doing better, and that you’re having so much fun with the joker. Have a great workout; can’t wait to hear about it! You can fly!